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Pit Fest 2019 is in the rear-view mirror, and it was another amazing example of how God provides for us when He guides us somewhere. There are amazing photos taken by Jeanette Yoder on our facebook page you should check out. But it was a tremendous success and the best part was, there was at least one person who answered the invitation to accept Christ. It was a tremendous effort by a short staffed A1M crew, but everyone buckled up and worked together to make it through, and in the end...the Gospel was brought to the Jonesboro River Rally and one life was changed forever...

Now we have a busy time ahead. As you can see from the photos below, we have a couple of fundraisers including another trip to our favorite BDubs location to hang out. We return to McAlisters Deli to "work" and talk to customers about A1M, and in between we will have another Chicken Noodle fundraiser and an Egg Roll selling fundraiser. 

We also have one show coming up as we have the RETURN of DANGER ROOM!!!! This time Jarob, Josh, and TJ from The Protest will perform a special acoustic act playing some of their own songs, some cover songs and some worship songs... they will be joined by local artists, Strand of Three, and the youth praise and worship team from Woodland, Driven!

Finally, on December 21st, we will have our annual Christmas Outreach show to wrap up a day of serving out community. It will be a wild night, a free show featuring The Protest, I Am Spartacus, Point 5, and Strand of Three will get the night started with some Christmas music!

Mark you calendars for all of these dates, like our facebook page and follow us on A1MRadio for the latest info!


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We have had the privilege of working with more than 200 bands from all over the country in over 60 different shows. We also have hundreds of bands that have sent us submissions for consideration in our events. On top of that, we have some bands that send us music and just ask us if we'd consider adding it to our online radio station.

A1MRadio is indeed back and running 24/7. It features MOSTLY the music of the bands that have taken our stages in the past 10+ years, but there are some special playlists that play as well. 


Soon, we expect to resume LIVE broadcasts and special show programming. Shows like the wildly popular and legendary "Chris and Jay Show," "Return to the Movement"

a1m radio-how.jpg

will be back and we are even thinking about creating a "MORNING SHOW" of some sort to air weekday mornings from 9-11am. SO there is a LOT going on behind the scenes at A1MRadio, even if you can't see it at the moment.

There are 3 ways YOU can hear A1MRadio. 1- go to a1mradio.com and click on the listen now link. 2- you can go to live365.com and search for A1M Radio. (This is the option I have to use at work, but it works perfectly) and finally, the best way, is to go to your app store and download the LIVE 365 app. (it is FREE) and then search for A1M Radio (also you can store it as a favorite) but then you can take us with you all the time and ROCK THY NEIGHBOR!