Pit Fest 2017 has come and gone, and it was a day we will never forget. One, it was the best weather we've ever had at Pit Fest. Two, Trevor Heyd came and did an incredible job, not only as a performer, but as our host! We heard from a handful of people at the event about how the event was like a "spiritual resuscitation" and how it re-invigorated people, including some members of some of the bands. 

Pit Fest was something that was under attack for several weeks prior to the event. The attacks were so severe that we were mere moments away from having to cancel the event. Due to some last second donations, some budget cuts, a couple of bands having to pull out, and a couple more bands giving their compensation back as a donation...somehow, some way, Pit Fest 2017 made it.

We know that the harder the enemy works to stop something from happening, the likelihood is that the event was going to have an incredible impact. Sometimes the impact is immediately measurable, and at other times it is seeds that were planted to take root at a later time. As Jarob mentioned after The Protest closed the night out, there was a lot of "Kingdom work" done Saturday night. 

We had a blast, and have so many memories that will last a lifetime. From the dance-off for the From These Ruins shirt, to the eating contest. From Egypt's touching piece on Chester, to "Ducks Fly Together." From Colombian death metal to some great messages. From Relesser's 80's flashback to memorable debuts of Raze The Darkness, Out of Black, and Theody. Great to see our friends in F.T.R., Glassworld, and Every Knee Shall Bow..... all in all it was such a fun day!

Check out some of the photos that are courtesy of Chris Bousum, and Zack Kidwell